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New York Skin Solutions, is a premium skin care company from the United States dedicated to providing comprehensive skin solutions covering from skin condition treatment to skin rejuvenation needs for people with skin problems.

Established since 2004, New York Skin Solutions has helped numerous individuals resolve their many skin problems effectively through personalized and hands-on treatment solutions by professional consultants. With more than 20 outlets located in Malaysia and Singapore, New York Skin Solutions hopes to bring you the best possible skin care treatment and outcome with excellent service at your convenience.

Embark on a journey with New York Skin Solutions on a journey to restore your skin health and regain your confidence now.

Our Mission and Philosophy

At New York Skin Solutions, we offer more than just treatments. We strive to make you feel welcomed, cared for and remembered. We aim to educate and provide every man and woman with the knowledge to look after themselves and improve their concerns, even after they leave us.

Healthier Skin with New York Skin Solutions

At New York Skin Solutions, our treatments and products are made from natural ingredients, which are plant extracts that are effective in maintaining healthy skin from inside out. Experience a facial treatment from New York Skin Solutions and see visible results on your skin.


New York Skin Solutions is the choice of thousands of customers based on reliability, service and proven performance. Our skin treatment has won over the hearts and trust of many customers by helping them solve their skin problems.

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We have over 23 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore.

Visit any of our nearby outlet today and get yourself a professional skin analysis and personalized consultation.


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