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What is your skin type?

Skin types can be categorized as oily, normal, and dry. The best test is to check the texture of your face 30 minutes after cleansing. If you skin isn’t as taunt 30 minutes after cleansing, you have normal skin. If the time taken is around 20 minutes, you have oily skin. If the time takes 40 minutes to recover, you have dry skin. The characteristics of these 3 skin types: if your skin is normal, the texture isn’t rough nor fine and not sensitive. Oily skin has big pores and often secretes big amounts of oil. Dry skin has obvious pores, sensitive to external factors and gets wrinkles easier.

How do we protect our skin from harmful rays from the sun?

If you want to avoid your skin from being affected by harmful rays and bad weather, you need to get products which are effective against sun protection. You need to apply sunscreen before going out, bring along an umbrella and put on a hat to protect your skin. However, the most important solution is to seek help from the experts to avoid premature ageing caused by ultraviolet rays.

What are the advantages of a face massage?

Massaging does not only control your blood circulation and increase nutrient absorption, it can also relax your skin. Some people have the wrong concept that massages will cause wrinkles to appear over time. Massages should be done softly because the skin and face muscles controlling our expressions are really delicate. Other than that, there are a lot of pressure points around and on our faces. That’s why massages should be soft, but sufficient pressure is needed for muscles and circulation. Pressure points should be pressed correctly. Professional help is needed during massages.

There are a lot of dark spots around my eyes. Is this caused by long hours of staring at the computer?

Dark blemishes around the eye are pigmentation caused by radiation and UV rays. Computer radiation causes dust accumulation around the eyes that will turn dark if not thoroughly cleansed, thus forming pigmentation. An eye brightening treatment will solve the problem. Starting from an application of wet mask from New York Skin Solutions to moturise the skin. Next, a high temperature eye mask is applied followed by another one with low temperature to increase blood circulation. Eye products from NYSS could increase metabolism rate to prevent pigmentation and provide maximum protection for the eyes.

Why are teenagers more prone to pimples?

During the teenage phase, the ovary and adrenal tracts are most active. Androgen in the body increases and causing excess oil secretion. When this happens, secretion isn’t smooth and will settle in the pores. Pores will turn into keratin. Cells on the outer skin will start peeling and mix with oil. The oil will clog pores and form pimples. Other than that, indigestion, constipation, oily, greasy, or sweet food, ingredients in cosmetics that stimulate skin will cause pimples to increase and worsen. Make sure you take care of your skin daily. Treat your skin while you’re still young so that premature ageing and other skin problems (such as pigmentation) can be avoided as you age.

Is it true that skin which is treated at salon at a young age will lose the natural ability to heal and will become thin and weak?

Skin doesn’t need to be too pampered or “trained”, but should be taken care of. Treating your skin will cause it to be thinner and weaker is a misconception. The earlier you seek professional help, the sooner you can learn about your skin condition and make correct decisions about your skin.

Just visiting facial salons isn’t enough to protect your skin. Skin will still age and optimal care is still needed. You are encouraged to get weekly treatments from skin care professionals. Your skin will be treated by professionals using the latest skin care technology. The procedures can help counter premature aging and increase the changes of recovery. Skin care professionals will not only take care of your skin, they will help tighten and strengthen the natural immune system to protect your skin from dangerous external factors.

What is the suitable age to visit a skin care specialist?

Skin problems occur regardless of age. You will never be too old for pimples and your skin starts to age as soon as you reach 25. The right skin care treatment received from skin care specialist could help solve skin problems in a more effective way, rather than trial and error or exploring yourself. So you should visit a skin care specialist once you think you need professional treatment.

Do men need skin care?

Skin care is essential regardless of gender too, the look of healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women. Men should also be aware of their skin conditions and seek treatment for their skin problems. Men’s skin are oilier compared to women due to high acidity. Men also have bigger pores and are more prone towards pigmentation which makes their skin rougher and darker compared to women. Excess oil secretion causes acne and inflammation. Therefore, men needs a different treatment from women when it comes to skin care.

How do we avoid pimple scars?

When pimple clears, treatment is still required to keep your skin blemish free. Seek help from a professional skin care specialist for advise on the treatment. Avoid picking, popping, and squeezing because it can turn a minor breakout into a major problem, which might be a permanent pimple scar. When pimples appear, many people scrub their skin clean. Scrubbing your skin tends to worsen the inflammation. The worse it gets, the greater chance of seeing permanent scars after the pimple clears.

My skin is getting itchier and redder. My skin also feels prickly when applying make up. What should I do?

This might be a symptom of sensitive skin. People with dry and sensitive skin experience would experience frequent itch and redness due to the lack of moisture and nutrients within the skin. Sensitive skin is a skin condition in which skin is prone to itching and irritation experienced as a subjective sensation when using cosmetics and toiletries. Using skin care products with the in appropriate ingredients for sensitive skin will worsen the problem. Therefore, it is advised to get professional help from skin care specialists to overcome this matter.

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