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Dr Tine, 52 Pigmentation & Aging Dr Tine was concerned about the aging signs such as pigmentation and wrinkles on her face. She tried various products and facial treatments but none of them seem to work.

Until she found New York. The consultants successfully solved her pigmentation problems in just a few treatments. She was very happy with the results and continued to have regular treatments to maintain her skin to be healthy.
Wei San, 23 Acne Currently, Wei San is only on her 5th treatment and her results are remarkable. Her skin has visibly improved.

Her problems are due to her eating habits of snacking on peanuts and love for spicy food. Hence the acne on her face keeps getting serious, to the extent of bleeding!

Through the attentive care by New York’s consultants, her acne has visibly lessened and her skin is smoother and healthier.
Jenny, 54 Pigmentation Jenny started having dark spots after giving birth. Initially it wasn’t obvious, but it became serious.

She started trying anti-pigmentation treatments at facial centres but her efforts were in vain. Until she found New York Skin Solutions

Using a high technology scanner to analyse her skin condition and gave her a range of customized treatments. After around 4 treatments, her dark spots have visibly lightened!
Kelly, 46 Sensitive Skin For more than 10 years, Kelly’s sensitive skin has always been a problem for her.

Sensitive skin is easily dried therefore it gets itchy. Using the wrong products will trigger the sensitivity, leaving it red and takes a while to fade which made her uncomfortable.

Professionalism is the main reason why Kelly chose New York Skin Solutions. From the knowledge of skincare to treatment techniques, New York’s consultant has built up her confidence and trust towards our service. Her skin is no longer constantly red and it’s now healthier and radiant.
Yinko, 25 Acne “I never thought that my acne problem could be solved so soon!”

Yinko had a traumatic experience with acne. She had very sensitive skin and due to stress, she had agonizing breakouts. There was not a part of her skin that was not covered by acne.It affected her deeply to the extent that she couldn’t bear looking at herself on the mirror.

But luckily, she found New York and after a period of regular treatments, her acne has cleared and her skin now looks radiant and smooth. She didn’t expect to see results so soon and was very satisfied.
Priscilla, 33 Acne “My skin is really smooth now and I no longer have pimples!”

Priscilla’s acne problem was very serious a few years back due to hormonal imbalance then diagnosed as hyperthyroidism. It did not bother her much in the beginning, but it started to worry her as people kept asking about her face. She started losing confidence when approaching people.

So, she decided to seek professional help from New York. After doing several treatments in NYSS, her skin is smoother, more radiant and her pores are almost invisible!!
Sally, 53 Pigmentation “My skin has improved with the exceptional care by New York Skin Solutions!”

Sally’s pigmentation problem started when she was under medication to control her hormones. She tried various products in the market and even laser. Although laser had great results, it did not last, and her pigmentation gotten worse! She couldn’t go out without covering her face with layers of powder.

When she started her treatments as New York, she did regular treatments according to the consultant’s advice and to her surprise, the results were great! The pigmentation is gone, her skin lightened up and it is now naturally radiant and healthy.
JESSICA, 36 Post-natal acne “I had a serious acne problem after giving birth and the products in the market have not helped improve instead they made it worse. After the treatments in New York, I looked younger and that was a definite boost to my confidence.”
SITI FAIRUS, 26 Oily skin and acne “I have tried many acne cure products in the market but none has proved effective. New York cured my acne problem and my skin has become less oily.”
MARIE TEH, 32 Sensitive Skin “After the treatments at New York Skin Solutions, my skin is no longer red or itchy. I am really satisfied with the results.”
HASNAFIZAM, 40 Sagging Skin “I used to look 10 years older, but with New York, I look much younger now!”
LEONG SING YING, 31 Sensitive Skin / Acne “My skin can adapt well to all kinds of weather now. My skin is acne-free, smoother and more moisturized now thanks to New York!”
SITI SARAH, 29 Pimples “My pimples are finally gone after 3 months of treatment! New York has given my skin a new lease of life!”
KEN SIN, 28 Acne “My face is so moisturized now. I have finally gotten rid of those unpleasant nicknames people used to give me because of my acne problem.”
ADELINE CHEW, 30 Freckles “I have tried many anti-freckles products but they are hopeless. Fortunately, I have found the right expert, New York has given me new hope!”
MASLINDA, 39 Pigmentation “Now my skin is spotless. I have seen major improvement in just 4 sessions of treatment! ”
JOSEPHINE TAN, 47 Pigmentation “New York Skin Solutions has gotten rid of my dull skin. And now, I look youthful and vibrant.”
ADELINE CHONG, 46 Freckles “Thanks to New York, the dark spots on my face have faded and I look fairer.”
JUNAIDAH, 45 Freckles “My face has become smoother and fairer after the treatments in New York. I no longer have to cover my freckles with makeup.”

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